Partnerships and Possibilities

Partnerships and Possibilities

For almost two years I’ve been loosely working with someone I’ve known for many years. I say loosely because we’ve been helping each other in our respective areas of expertise on an adhoc basis. Dan had a full-time ‘real’ job but also occasionally plied his digital forensics talents on the side. He kept saying he wanted to branch out on his own but liked the security his employer provided.

About six months ago, his employer was sold to one of their competitors and during the consolidation process the decision was made to close the Atlanta office acquired in the merger by the end of this year. Last month, Dan was offered a really great package to move to another office but he wasn’t interested and accepted a buyout instead.

Not wanting to miss a possible opportunity, I sat down and told him I was in the process of forming a partnership of sorts with another person to provide support and management of WordPress sites. I shared how their knowledge and experience paired with my knowledge and experience and how we were approaching this from an automation standpoint. I asked him whether he was interested in similar arrangement. He said possibly and we scheduled a sit down with the other person to talk it through.

After about a month we had the details worked out and domain names purchased. Since I have the infrastructure we decided to roll everything into my LLC but keep each operating unit separate. This means Dan and I will be cooperating on the side while Karen and I will be cooperating on the side. I’m certain there will be cooperation between the sites and a lot of cross pollination. I will continue to provide consulting independently as will Karen and Dan is going to start consulting under the umbrella of the LLC. We have the operating agreement updated and at least for now Karen will keep her consulting separate from the LLC.

I’m really excited about this and have a lot of ideas of how to automate a lot of the repetitive tasks on both fronts. Karen is great at building web sites and she has taken point on fleshing out both and I look forward to working with both of these talented individuals. We have a really creative and very generous affiliate program in the works for each of the new sites. The initial interest from potential customers is very good and if the projections are even remotely right we’ll have to start adding employees in early 2019.

I’m often amazed how seemingly unrelated events often lead to new and interesting opportunities like this.

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